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To Wendy Sloan, owner of Mainsail Studio, sewing can open up worlds of possibility. In junior high school, at only 4-feet-8-inches tall, she had a fashion conundrum. “My options were to make clothes myself,” she says “or shop in the little girls section.” The choice was clear: she started sewing her own clothing. In high school she began drafting her own patterns — growing her style options infinitely.

Wendy brings this same concept of custom style to her signature wearable wings. Inspired by the butterfly costumes her mother made in the ‘80s and the imaginations of her four children, Wendy started making her own butterfly costumes in 2010 from her woodland studio in Burke, Virginia.

Using the thousands of colors and surface designs in the Spoonflower collection, you and your child can customize your own pair of wings to last for generations.

Give your imagination wings


Wearable wings are designed to be played in, cherished, worn at Halloween, and passed down to younger siblings for endless creative capers.

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