How to Sprout

Five Simple Steps


Choose the pattern you want to create

How to Sprout: Step 1

Customize your pattern with over 500,000 surface design options

How to Sprout: Step 2

Move your design around until it's just right

How to Sprout: Step 3

Sew it yourself or add White Glove and we’ll sew for you

How to Sprout: Step 4

Strut your stuff in your new one-of-a-kind clothing!

How to Sprout: Step 5

Get Started:

Log in using the link at the top right of the page with the same email/password combination that you use on Spoonflower.
Just a hint: Sprout works best on Chrome, which is free to download for both PCs and Macs.

Create a project:

  1. Choose a pattern
  2. Use the size charts and finished measurements to get the right fit
  3. Add designs to your project palette that you have created, favorited or just search the Spoonflower marketplace
  4. *You must be logged in to see your own designs and favorites.
  5. Once you have created a design palette, select either ALL or separate pattern pieces to choose what section to work on
  6. Click on designs from your project palette to apply them to your project
  7. Use the 3D preview tool to estimate what your design will look like on the pattern
  8. Name and save your project, or add it directly to your cart
  9. Optionally, save the designs in your project palette to a design palette you can reference later

Post a project image to Spoonflower:

  1. Choose a project from the PROJECTS tab in YOUR ACCOUNT
  2. Click the name of the project to go to its show page
  3. Scroll down the page until you see the thumbnails from the designs you used
  4. For your designs, you'll see a button underneath the thumbnail that says POST IMAGE
  5. Once you click the POST IMAGE button, image will be created and another tab will open to your design on Spoonflower
  6. Your project image will be visible and if clicked, will direct you back to Sprout
  7. If you make a revision to your design on Spoonflower, the image will break.
For more info, look here Post an image of your project to Spoonflower

How to create solid color coordinates

  1. Select a design from your design palette
  2. Hover over the enlarged image to find a color, Click to put it in your color palette
  3. Click 'Use These Colors' to return to your project
  4. To see colors associated with a design click the icon on the bottom right hand corner of the design thumbnail
  5. Click the solid coordinate to apply it to your project
*Spoondollar credit for a solid color is given to the designer whose design that color was derived from.

Use design palettes curated by Sprout

While the thousands of designs from Spoonflower are amazing, they can also be a bit overwhelming! To help you make your best projects ever, we’ve created curated palettes with some of our own favorite designs. Start with one of our palettes and use as is or customize by adding additional designs that you love. It’s fun and easy!

  1. Start by choosing one of our curated design palettes.
  2. Use the palette right away by selecting a sewing pattern (or make a copy and customize by adding or removing designs). If you’re logged in to Sprout, a copy of the palette is automatically added to your list of design palettes, so you’ll never lose it!
  3. Once you’ve chosen a sewing pattern, click the "CREATE YOUR OWN" button. The designs in the palette are automatically added, so your creativity won’t be compromised.
  4. To apply designs to your projects, just choose your pattern piece and click on the design.
  5. Finish up by selecting your correct size and the fabric that you’d like to use.

Add a specific design from Spoonflower:

  1. You can easily search for a specific designer using that option in the drop down menu. If you would like to find a particular design, use the following steps:
  2. Find the URL of the design's page on Spoonflower in your browser, which will look like this:
  3. Click the "SEARCH FOR DESIGNS" button
  4. Under Select Designs, locate the "FIND BY ID" input box, top of the page
  5. Enter the ID number from your Spoonflower design. In this case, it is 4528671

Use your own design to print on your project:

This is easy—as simple as searching your designs once you pick a pattern. You may use any of your private designs, but you will not be able to share the project if it does contain any designs that are not public on Spoonflower. If you don't have any designs on Spoonflower yet, it is very easy to do and free to set up your account! For more information on creating designs on Spoonflower, look here.

Know what your project will look like:

FOR PRECISE DESIGN PLACEMENT, please refer to the 2D pattern piece preview—it's exactly what will print at Spoonflower and is shown to scale. When selecting a pattern and fabric design, you are also able to view and rotate a custom 3D preview (that is more or less to scale) of the project you are ordering in the design you choose.

A Sprout Patterns Project. All you have to do is cut and sew!

Figure out how to put your project together:

There are a few ways to find the instructions and templates for your projects. You can either click MY ACCOUNT in the navigation or your screen name at the top right corner of the page. In MY ACCOUNT you'll have 2 tabs—Projects and Orders. Instructions can easily be downloaded on the Orders tab. The zipped folder with the instructions will also include the original pattern with all sizes, in PDF format. We use the latest shrinkage numbers that Spoonflower's R&D team have calculated. Our software takes these into account and adjusts each pattern specific to the fabric you chose. This means that after you laundering, it should be exactly the size you ordered. This is why we recommend that you wash your fabric before cutting and sewing!

Just a hint: Use Adobe Acrobat to print any PDF files using the "full size" option, download Acrobat for free here.

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